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Why Symbols Matter

Two graphic designers comb through thousands of years of iconography in a new handbook for understanding visual language. by KELSEY CAMPBELL-DOLLAGHAN  courtesy the Monacelli Press 7 Concepts That Tease The Wacky Future Of Screens Look Down On One Of The World’s Most Densely Populated Slums In These Aerial Shots The Art Of Manipulating Algorithms Pentagram And […]

Give ‘Em What They Want

Julia Sotera Food and beverage companies already invest considerable time and resources developing new formulations and packaging them in a way that hopefully will resonate with consumers. But sometimes, even tried-and-true marketing techniques aren’t enough to help a product that has fallen out of favor with consumers. A proven methodology called “need states” offers a […]

Up With the Underground

By: Steven Heller Roger van den Bergh of Onoma LLC, an identity and media design firm in New York City, gave himself a painstaking challenge: Design a new MTA Subway map for the city. He released the new design at the beginning of 2017. The brochure below contains the following text: “After countless delays and […]

Designers Play It Safe With Pharmaceutical Packaging

Melanie Streich “No compromising on product safety” is the overriding principle for companies of the pharmaceutical industry and for allied enterprises in the packaging sector. Because of their high responsibility for human health, they are strictly monitored and have to comply with numerous specifications and guidelines. Not a small challenge for the companies. From an […]

Live video wars continue as Twitter introduces 360-degree live video

By Rakin Azfar Twitter is offering the ability to record live video in an immersive 360-degree format to “select partners” of its streaming application, Periscope. The feature, which debuted this week, allows all users to view the 360-degree videos, and works similarly to analog products at YouTube and Facebook. It is also the company’s highest […]

Lost—and Found—in Translation: The Legibility Wars of the ’80s and ’90s

By: Steven Heller “What did you do during the Legibility Wars?” asked one of my more inquisitive design history students. “Well, it wasn’t actually a war,” I said, recalling the period during the mid-’80s through the mid- to late-’90s when there were stark divisions between new and old design generations—the young anti-Modernists, and the established followers […]

Diverse Demographics: Breaking Stereotypes

posted by Amanda Ciccatelli Millennials are the most diverse generation in history – only 59% are Caucasian and 27% have an immigrant background (Deloitte, 2015). Therefore, it’s no surprise that this demographic expects brands to embrace and reflect the diversity of their lives – a trend previously highlighted by Stylus Life in our report No […]

Facebook’s turned to TV to boost Facebook Live

Max Willens    Facebook might have over a billion daily active users. But in an attempt to drive mass adoption of Facebook Live, it has turned to TV, becoming a major advertiser there in the process. Last month, the company launched the largest TV-advertising campaign in its history, airing over 20 different commercials more than 1,700 times, and […]