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Don’t Neglect Your Own Marketing And Branding Needs

Guest Blogpost by Laura Wallace, Owner and Creative Director, Worx Graphic Design, based in Hagerstown MD. Laura is a branding expert, author and speaker. The most challenging part of creating a campaign is developing a finalized concept and creating the momentum behind it. Add that on top of busy schedules and multiple clients which makes creating […]

2017 GDUSA Educators to Watch

    As a complement to our perennial and popular special reports – People To Watch (influential professional creatives) and Students To Watch (rising graduates of note) – we add an annual “Educators To Watch” feature to our mix. The reason: design education and educators have more influence than ever on the fast-changing shape of design, media and culture. […]

On Confidence in Design

By: Johan Liedgren We really need to talk about your insecurities, pandering and committee decisions. Confidence is the manifestation of agency. The lack of confidence kills design. It kills all art. Because art requires us to suspend disbelief and explore a new narratives—to be open to surprise and completely novel possibilities. If we sense any lack […]

How Consumers Respond to Brands on Social Media: New Research

by Michelle Krasniak Want to know why some brands connect with consumers more than others on social media? Wondering if the tone of your social media marketing is affecting sales? In this article, you’ll find insights from new research that reveal how consumers feel about the content and conversations businesses are serving up on social media. […]

New Skype Logo Is Less Cloudy

Microsoft has introduced a newly redesigned logo for Skype. It comes at the same time as the company has reworked the online text message and video chat service that is has “Snapchat-like” features. Skype Logo: Before and After Redesign The new logo drops the fluffy clouds, and the logo is moving toward Microsoft’s corporate typeface in a way that puts it […]

Create Like An Artist But Think Like A Strategist

    Today, a company’s logo is no longer a solitary symbol of a brand. Though the classic Coke cursive logo or Adidas’ iconic three stripes serve as critical brand recognition, other companies must consider how their logos will be used to represent their brands cross-medium. More specifically, companies must challenge the creative team responsible […]

Why Symbols Matter

Two graphic designers comb through thousands of years of iconography in a new handbook for understanding visual language. by KELSEY CAMPBELL-DOLLAGHAN  courtesy the Monacelli Press 7 Concepts That Tease The Wacky Future Of Screens Look Down On One Of The World’s Most Densely Populated Slums In These Aerial Shots The Art Of Manipulating Algorithms Pentagram And […]

Give ‘Em What They Want

Julia Sotera Food and beverage companies already invest considerable time and resources developing new formulations and packaging them in a way that hopefully will resonate with consumers. But sometimes, even tried-and-true marketing techniques aren’t enough to help a product that has fallen out of favor with consumers. A proven methodology called “need states” offers a […]

Up With the Underground

By: Steven Heller Roger van den Bergh of Onoma LLC, an identity and media design firm in New York City, gave himself a painstaking challenge: Design a new MTA Subway map for the city. He released the new design at the beginning of 2017. The brochure below contains the following text: “After countless delays and […]