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The Climate Action Challenge: What Design Can Do (on a Global Scale)

Back at the end of May of this year, an international design conference entitled What Design Can Do launched a challenge with a singular purpose in mind: Find solutions that will help solve climate change. Open to designers throughout the creative community, the Climate Action Challenge is a call to action for students and recent […]

Is This the 3-D Printer That Will Change Manufacturing?

That’s the $100-million-dollar question that’s on the mind of investors such as GE, BMW, Alphabet and other leading venture capital firms who invested nearly that much in Desktop Metal in their quest to reinvent how manufacturing makes metal parts. Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop is convinced that his printer is the solution to a decades-long […]

Old-School Print Fan or Die-Hard Digital Consumer: A Few Ideas on Ways to Engage Readers (No Matter How You Publish)

When it comes to how we consume content these days, it’s easy to assume that print is a thing of the past. But one look at the continued success of publications such as Teen Vogue, Self, EContent, and Pulse and you see a different story emerge. Granted, each pairs print content with digital distribution. And […]

Hot Off the Presses: The Only Guide You Need to the Most Up-to-Date Facebook Ad Specs for Images, Video and Copy

It’s no secret that Facebook is a fan of regularly changing their ad specs for images, video and copy. (But, hey. We’re not complaining. After all, when it comes to social, it’s Facebook’s world and we’re just playing in it.) Lucky for digital advertising and marketing pros everywhere, the folks over at Buffer are on […]

Need-to-Know Now: 4 Ways Digital Marketing Is Changing in 2017

When it comes to the most up-to-date, on-the-nose information that empowers the digital community, the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting never disappoints. And this year’s takeaways are no exception. How will digital marketing change in 2017? According to the IAB, there four significant ways: 1. Spending on cross-channel measurement and attribution will increase. In its comprehensive […]

LinkedIn’s Massive Site Overhall [Video]

In an effort to provide a user experience that’s faster, more intuitive, and more content-rich than ever, LinkedIn recently rolled out its largest desktop overhaul since the social media platform first launched. LinkedIn promises the new design will spotlight conversations and content, enabling users to share ideas, add their voice to discussions, and more easily […]

Need-to-Know Info on Proposed Affordable Care Act Scale Backs

What Does President Trump’s Executive Order on ACA Mean? Donald Trump’s first act after assuming the presidency was to sign an executive order that authorizes federal agencies to scale back as many parts of the Affordable Care Act as possible within the confines of the law. The executive order does not abolish the landmark legislation, […]