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I took my own class and I loved it

For years I’ve been peddling education workshops for graphics designers, web designers and marketers in the San Francisco Bay Area along with webinars for learning Adobe products, Microsoft applications and programming for people all over the world. When I first began this effort, I attended some of the classes. I wanted to be sure that our […]

REX RAY September 11, 1956 – February 9, 2015

Celebrated artist and graphic designer Rex Ray died on February 9, 2015 in San Francisco, California after a prolonged struggle with cancer. A major cultural force in the art, literary, and activist communities in the Bay Area, he was recognized for his collage pop aesthetic. Born Michael Patterson in Germany on a United States army […]

Get Creative: 10 Ways to Think Outside the Box

Vivian Wagner Owner, V Creative Enterprises, LLC Looking for ways to inspire your staff and boost your business? Try these 10 tips for getting your employees to think more creatively. Smart business owners encourage their employees to be creative. After all, employees are on the front lines and often know better than anyone how to […]

Would you follow a penguin?

As our fascination with Augmented Reality grows, so does some great ways to make good marketing use of this amazing technology. Not long ago,  Amanda Le  (our Augmented Reality Expert and speaker at imarketingsf) was visiting Japan at the time of the release of this Sunshine Aquarium penguin campaign and said that people were going crazy over this latest […]

Vespa Augmented Reality by 900lbs of Creative

Does 900 lbs. mean they are a real heavy weight? 900lbs of Creative is a collective of experiential designers, interactive artists and content developers who design experiences for a diverse range of events, exhibits and emerging technology. We can make our own decisions when we hear Steve Dietz share his stories at imarketingSF on Nov. 5. In the mean time, […]

4 Ways Wearable Tech Could Change Your Marketing Strategy

This article, by ERIN RODAT-SAVLA  serves as a perfect explanation to why we’ve included a Wearables Fashion show at imarketkingSF. It’s time to put on your thinking caps and plan the future. Thank you Erin.   For marketers still neck-deep in creating a mobile marketing strategy, contemplating yet another hard-to-grasp, disruptive, and hyped-up technology may make their head […]

Moving Forward Into History; The Interwoven Evolution Of Graphic Design And Technology

Although the modern focus and education in graphic design focuses strongly on impacts over the past century, this type of communication dates back to the dawn of mankind. In truth, graphic design is really the use of visual mass communication. When taken at its most basic principles, the impressions that are achieved through cave paintings, […]

3D Printing 101

As technology and artistry come together, the world of 3D printing has become an exciting new medium Using the new technology requires a combination of vision, geometry, and computer software proficiency. These three factors together will offer successful results and give rise to more innovative creations. However, understanding how 3D printing works is also integral […]

Why Do Videos Sell?

The future of online marketing is rapidly changing. Top 10 lists, fun quizzes, and more are growing in popularity. But videos have remained one of the best options for standing out online, whether it’s with a quick YouTube upload, embedding a video in a website, or placing a video ad on an external site. There […]

Paul Rand, Icon Of Icons

As a consummate designer, one of Paul Rand’s initial projects consisted of re-designing himself into a marketable commodity. He was initially born to the name Peretz Rosenbaum in Brooklyn, New York, and went on to study at the Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, and the Art Students League during his mid teens to early […]