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Getting Recognition

In an effort to promote the printing and design industry, the Visual Media Alliance hosts the Showcase Awards annually. Now in its 17th year, this outlet provides an ideal way to see and be seen by other professionals in the field. The event is also a great source for real world networking, and can generate […]

13 Book Designs That Work

Although readers purchase books for what is written on the pages, book cover designs still play a large part in the appeal, especially if the reader is just glancing by to find a new read. Good book designs essentially have a responsibility to the book, the publisher, and the reader, to be able to communicate […]

It’s Time to Dump Photoshop and Embrace Sketch

The quest to find a lightweight, focused alternative to Photoshop for UI/UX designers by Baz Deas UI/UX designer of mobile apps at@bazdeas —  Designer & Co-founder of www.getrallypoint.com   Over the past few years or so I’ve gotten increasingly frustrated with how inept Photoshop is for user interface, and user experience design. Adobe isn’t at fault, of course. It was […]

2013 Showcase of Print/Design Excellence Winners Announce

We take a rest at Deep Gap and then hump it over Potato Hill, Cattail Peak and Balsam Cone to Big Tom Gap by 12:00. I leave Bob there after negotiating a ride for him with some hikers who happened to be walking by towards the parking lot. Of course I take the wet tarp with me and all of Bob’s water bottles to fill and lug into camp so he can scamper out to the car for his food.