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Geriko’s sweeping cinematic animation for Lorn

  Words by Lucy Bourton Geriko, the Franco-Belgian creative duo of Hélène Jeudy and Antoine Caëcke, creates cinematic animations bound to make your jaw drop. In its most recent music video for Lorn its sweeping cityscapes are full of immense detail from interiors to technological devices. Inspired by Japanese and Belgian comics, the animation is […]

9 Quick Design Tips from Sagi Haviv, Mona Patel & Magnus Berg

By Amanda Aszman Sagi Haviv, Mona Patel and Magnus Berg know design Haviv is partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, and he’s designed more than 50 identity programs, which has included logos for the Library of Congress, Conservation International and Armani Exchange. Patel the founder/CEO of Motivate, a UX research, design and staffing agency with clients including Chick-Fil-A, […]

The Years In Retrospect: How Photoshop Has Shaped The World Of Graphic Design

by Harold Stark , Stark of Winterfell The art of photography has improved itself a lot over the years. Today, as we are well-seated into the 21st century, anyone who knows how to turn on a computer can learn to manipulate images with little or no effort. Thanks to tools like Photoshop CC for graphics and iMovie […]

Why Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair is the Best/worst Show of the Year

A love/hate letter to PS1 MoMA’s most anticipated (and dreaded) weekend By Perrin Drumm   Printed Matter’s 2016 NY Art Book Fair poster Dear NY Art Book Fair, I love you, but baby, you’re a mess. A beautiful, crazy creative, exciting mess. You come around once a year and drive all the art kids wild: the nutty old […]

This New Design Language is Helping Refugees in the Best Way

By Tracy Tonnu Since last October, many citizens have been lending their time and resources to help the camps set up for the refugees arriving from places like Syria and Romania in various cities throughout Europe. As Erwin Bauer, founder of the Vienna-based design studio buero bauer, put it: “Civil society started to act.” Bauer […]

Space Tourism is the Next Frontier and Here are NASA’s Posters

By Jake Kilroy The tourism posters of yore had a daydreamy inevitable quality to them. They weren’t the cheap pitch of an online banner. They resonated with you. You saw island shores, blustery cliffs, indefinite jungles, intriguing deserts, bold coastlines, charming farmlands, surreal horizons, and blistering highways, and you thought, yes, I have to go […]

5 Great Tarot Designs by Contemporary Creatives

How tarot is “essentially the greatest comic ever made”  By Madeleine Morley Tarot is often associated with divination and mysticism. But historically, picture card packs had a variety of uses and styles, including storytelling: the combination of these pursuits is what makes contemporary creatives keep coming back to tarot design centuries later. In the 14th century, wealthy families […]

Apple’s new MacBook Pro ‘coming in October’

By Susie Ochs New MacBook Pro concept image with current model behind by Martin Hajek Now that Apple’s next event is officially on the books as of September 7, speculation can build about what won’t be announced, and when Apple might get around to updating those things: namely Macs, but also the iPad Pro. Bloomberg […]

Your 80s alt-rock heroes become comic book villians

By Dom Carter Some of the biggest post-punk music icons become a supervillain squad in this stunning set of posters.   For the anarchic artist Butcher Billy, pop culture mash-ups appear to be his subject matter of choice. Having already created pop art prints that blended Charles Bukowski quotes with the distinctive stylings of Roy […]