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Thinking About re:think

VMA’s re:think design conference happened earlier this month. If you missed the conference you missed some fascinating talks. In the trendy new venue called The Midway, located in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco, Carolina de Bartolo kicked us off with a discussion labeled Fitness, Firmness and Delight. In her talk she cited the ancient […]

Irina Blok inspires students at Art Institute

What’s weighing on the minds of design students today? They know that creativity won’t be enough to land them their dream jobs. And, they know they will have to be proactive to get where they want to go. As they separate from the safety of their educational institutions and venture out to pursue their dreams they often […]

A/B Testing is today as yesterday

By Barbara Silverman I find myself a bit entertained by this new and exciting practice of A/B testing. I see it in context for evaluating the effectiveness of email blasts and web pages, mobile apps and who knows what else! Now, I’m not taking issue with the idea of testing. It affords terrific opportunities to […]

Hommage to the Post Offices of the World

I recently had the fortunate experience of meeting a fascinating woman named Alice So. Our conversation began at an art exhibit and quickly evolved to stories about travel where we both shared a keen interest. She asked for my address as she wanted to send me information about upcoming trip, a place where she had […]

The Art of Thought: Graham Wallas on the Four Stages of Creativity, 1926

by Maria Popova How to master the beautiful osmosis of conscious and unconscious, voluntary and involuntary, deliberate and serendipitous. In 1926, thirteen years before James Webb Young’s Technique for Producing Ideas and more than three decades before Arthur Koestler’s seminal “bisociation” theory of how creativity works, English social psychologist and London School of Economics co-founder […]

I took my own class and I loved it

For years I’ve been peddling education workshops for graphics designers, web designers and marketers in the San Francisco Bay Area along with webinars for learning Adobe products, Microsoft applications and programming for people all over the world. When I first began this effort, I attended some of the classes. I wanted to be sure that our […]

Viral 2.0

Guest blogger, Jonah Berger There’s a lot of excitement around viral. But it’s time to move past the hype and focus on how it can really benefit business. It’s time for Viral 2.0. You can’t go a week without hearing about some new viral video. WestJet’s Christmas Miracle. Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic split between Volvo trucks. What […]

It’s Time to Dump Photoshop and Embrace Sketch

The quest to find a lightweight, focused alternative to Photoshop for UI/UX designers by Baz Deas UI/UX designer of mobile apps at@bazdeas —  Designer & Co-founder of www.getrallypoint.com   Over the past few years or so I’ve gotten increasingly frustrated with how inept Photoshop is for user interface, and user experience design. Adobe isn’t at fault, of course. It was […]