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The Art of Thought: Graham Wallas on the Four Stages of Creativity, 1926

by Maria Popova How to master the beautiful osmosis of conscious and unconscious, voluntary and involuntary, deliberate and serendipitous. In 1926, thirteen years before James Webb Young’s Technique for Producing Ideas and more than three decades before Arthur Koestler’s seminal “bisociation” theory of how creativity works, English social psychologist and London School of Economics co-founder […]

I took my own class and I loved it

For years I’ve been peddling education workshops for graphics designers, web designers and marketers in the San Francisco Bay Area along with webinars for learning Adobe products, Microsoft applications and programming for people all over the world. When I first began this effort, I attended some of the classes. I wanted to be sure that our […]

Viral 2.0

Guest blogger, Jonah Berger There’s a lot of excitement around viral. But it’s time to move past the hype and focus on how it can really benefit business. It’s time for Viral 2.0. You can’t go a week without hearing about some new viral video. WestJet’s Christmas Miracle. Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic split between Volvo trucks. What […]

It’s Time to Dump Photoshop and Embrace Sketch

The quest to find a lightweight, focused alternative to Photoshop for UI/UX designers by Baz Deas UI/UX designer of mobile apps at@bazdeas —  Designer & Co-founder of www.getrallypoint.com   Over the past few years or so I’ve gotten increasingly frustrated with how inept Photoshop is for user interface, and user experience design. Adobe isn’t at fault, of course. It was […]

Strengthen Your Strategic Thinking Muscles

by guest blogger by Liane Davey Have you been told that you need to be more strategic? Whether through 360 feedback or after a failed promotion attempt, being told that you aren’t strategic enough really stings. Worse is when you try to clarify what “more strategic” would look like and get few tangible suggestions. Being more […]


Guest Blogger by Rachel Oakley in New Design Lookout for your edition of WIRED magazine this month. Inside of 150,000 copies (in Chicago and NYC), you’ll find the very first interactive print ad, courtesy of Digitas and T+Ink Technology. Because of the hype surrounding Motorola’s Moto X mobile phone, users who are lucky enough to get their […]

Are You Up–to–Date?

According to the online Merrian-Webster dictionary, if you answer YES you are someone who is involved in the latest methods, concepts, information, or styles <such as demanding the most up-to-date computer system available> Synonyms include contemporary, current, designer, hot, mod, modernistic, new, new age, newfangled, new-fashioned, present-day, red-hot, space-age, state-of-the-art, ultramodern, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute.  All nice adjectives, yet getting there and staying there is a constant challenge. For the most part, it’s about keeping up […]

Announcing 3 Lunch & Learn’s. Sexual Harassment & Prevention Certification with Richard Lord

Although the state only requires employers with over 50 employees to provide the training, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training is strongly recommended for all California employers regardless of the size. Everyone in a supervisory, management or perceived supervisory role should be trained to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination. VMA’s Human Resource consultant, Richard Lord, […]