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Don’t Neglect Your Own Marketing And Branding Needs

Guest Blogpost by Laura Wallace, Owner and Creative Director, Worx Graphic Design, based in Hagerstown MD. Laura is a branding expert, author and speaker. The most challenging part of creating a campaign is developing a finalized concept and creating the momentum behind it. Add that on top of busy schedules and multiple clients which makes creating […]

Is your SMB ready for the next Industrial Revolution?

There’s no doubt about it: The Internet of Things (IoT) will fundamentally change the way we experience our world. The smooth functioning of healthcare, finance, transportation, utilities, and households – even entire cities – will soon be dependent on the data generated by IoT. We know that IoT technologies will impact key relationships including people […]

2017 GDUSA Educators to Watch

    As a complement to our perennial and popular special reports – People To Watch (influential professional creatives) and Students To Watch (rising graduates of note) – we add an annual “Educators To Watch” feature to our mix. The reason: design education and educators have more influence than ever on the fast-changing shape of design, media and culture. […]

On Confidence in Design

By: Johan Liedgren We really need to talk about your insecurities, pandering and committee decisions. Confidence is the manifestation of agency. The lack of confidence kills design. It kills all art. Because art requires us to suspend disbelief and explore a new narratives—to be open to surprise and completely novel possibilities. If we sense any lack […]

The 15 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned in Creative Work

By Asher Rumack Originally featured on Column Five. If you’re in a field where either the people or the work you’re producing are labeled “creative,” you likely signed up to create meaningful, fulfilling experiences. And if you’re idealistic like me, you may even say you’re here to bring beauty into the world. Yet when it comes […]

How Steven Heller Redefined the Design Industry

Heller in his office. Photo by David Everly. SVA’s Steven Heller has helped launch dozens of high-profile design careers. To his protégés, he seems like the ultimate insider — but he didn’t start out that way. Steven Heller is sitting in his office at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, sipping iced green tea and editing a draft of […]

The Type Snob

And how to turn into one Pablo StanleyFollow Designer at Carbon Health. Writer at The Design Team. Mentor at Sketch Togethe Can you name the typefaces drawn on this gif? The wannabe Back in 2014, I was a graphic designer who had just moved to San Francisco to become a UX designer. Before that, I had worked […]