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’Surf-by’ ADA Lawsuits Could be Next Legal Trap for Businesses

No doubt you’ve heard of the “drive-by” Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits that are filed by plaintiffs who see ADA violations at businesses (like entrances that are inaccessible by wheelchair) just by driving by the location. Now, recent court decisions could pave the way for a new class of ADA claims where disabled individuals have […]

DOL Withdraws Guidance on Independent Contractors

The Trump administration has withdrawn guidance issued by the Department of Labor under President Obama that had tightened restrictions on joint employment and independent contractors. The move may give only the semblance of respite though, because the enabling regulations are still in place and so is established case law on the subject. The move only […]

Responding to an Active Shooter in the Workplace

There’s an unfortunate trend building in the U.S. as the number of workplace homicides is on the rise. Workplace murders rose by 2% in 2015 from the year prior to 417 people killed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – and shootings in particular jumped by 15%. The issue employers are faced with is […]

Indoor Workers Can Also Get Heat Illness; Here’s How to Protect Them

As temperatures soar this summer, it’s not only outdoor workers that toil under the sun who are at risk of heat illness. Workers in warehouses, boiler rooms and factories are also susceptible to heat illness, which can cause severe symptoms – and even death. The temperature inside these facilities can often exceed 80 degrees, the […]

Creating a Strong Safety Program for Your Fleet Drivers

While most operations with an automotive or trucking fleet focus on safety, few businesses are actually monitoring their drivers to make sure they are adhering to the company’s rules, a new study has found. Many companies only pull reports on their drivers’ records on an annual basis, which means they miss important developments like a […]

AHCA Score/California Single-Payer Next Steps

American Health Care Act The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), on May 24th, published its final “score” of the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) as approved by the House of Representatives on May 4th. The CBO’s prior score, in late March, was a key factor leading to the AHCA’s withdrawal from consideration by the House of Representatives […]

Insurance Commissioner Okays Benchmark Rate Decrease for California Employers

California’s insurance commissioner has approved a recommendation to reduce average baseline rates on workers’ compensation policies by 7.8% at the mid-year mark. The mid-year reduction to the baseline rate is largely the result of reforms that were introduced in 2013 that have sped up the settlement process for claims (including many long-term claims), in addition […]

Drug Use Skyrockets among American Workers

Drug use is rapidly increasing among American workers, as more states liberalize marijuana laws, cocaine makes a resurgence and more people abuse amphetamines and heroin. A new study by Quest Diagnostics Inc., a workplace drug-testing lab, found that the number of workers testing positive for illicit drugs is higher than at any time in the […]

Insurance Investigators Mine Social Media to Ferret out Fraud

Insurers are increasingly using social media to track down workers who are perpetrating workers’ comp and other liability fraud by faking injuries or staying on the dole after they have healed. Investigators are increasingly making use of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other online social media sites to nab claimants who are fraudulently trying to collect […]

What the Latest Version of the AHCA Would Mean for Employers

The American Health Care Act that was passed by the House of Representatives by a small margin would repeal the employer mandate and the reporting requirements that the Affordable Care Act ushered in. While Senate Republicans are likely to start from scratch and hammer out their own ACA replacement, for now, the only legislation in […]