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Drug Use Skyrockets among American Workers

Drug use is rapidly increasing among American workers, as more states liberalize marijuana laws, cocaine makes a resurgence and more people abuse amphetamines and heroin. A new study by Quest Diagnostics Inc., a workplace drug-testing lab, found that the number of workers testing positive for illicit drugs is higher than at any time in the […]

Insurance Investigators Mine Social Media to Ferret out Fraud

Insurers are increasingly using social media to track down workers who are perpetrating workers’ comp and other liability fraud by faking injuries or staying on the dole after they have healed. Investigators are increasingly making use of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other online social media sites to nab claimants who are fraudulently trying to collect […]

What the Latest Version of the AHCA Would Mean for Employers

The American Health Care Act that was passed by the House of Representatives by a small margin would repeal the employer mandate and the reporting requirements that the Affordable Care Act ushered in. While Senate Republicans are likely to start from scratch and hammer out their own ACA replacement, for now, the only legislation in […]

Employee Texting Blows Holes in Your Company Communications Policy

If you are not aware, your employees are most likely communicating with each other and clients using texting or instant messaging. While the immediacy of texting and instant messaging is great for business as it allows faster communications, better collaboration and more responsiveness, the downside is that your organization likely can’t track and retrieve those […]

Trump Hints at Withholding Exchange Subsidies to Prompt ACA’s Decline

Following the House of Representatives’ failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, President Trump has promised that the repealing and replacing law is still one of his top priorities, and also hinted at hastening its demise by withholding the premium subsidies the government pays to health exchanges. Essentially, if he follows through and creates […]

ACA Repeal Plan Is Dead; So What Should You Do?

Now that the American Health Care Act has suffered a defeat in Congress and President Trump has said he’ll move on to other matters, the Affordable Care Act will stand as the law of the land. The big question hanging over the law, however, is the executive order that Trump signed shortly after taking office […]

How Tracking Near Misses, Employee Training Reduces Injuries

The latest trend in workplace safety best practices is tracking “leading indicators” – or events that take the lessons learned from past events – to reduce the chances of future injuries. Safety professionals are increasingly keeping track of near misses, hours spent on training and facility housekeeping and measuring the impact on the organization’s overall […]

Bill Would Make Collecting Health Information for Wellness Plans Easier

Legislation has surfaced in Congress that would allow employers to collect biometric and genetic information from employees and their family members as a precondition for participation in a company wellness program. The bill would essentially repeal a portion of the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA), which in part bars employers from collecting genetic information on […]