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REX RAY September 11, 1956 – February 9, 2015

Celebrated artist and graphic designer Rex Ray died on February 9, 2015 in San Francisco, California after a prolonged struggle with cancer. A major cultural force in the art, literary, and activist communities in the Bay Area, he was recognized for his collage pop aesthetic. Born Michael Patterson in Germany on a United States army […]

Big Data Meets Design

By Noel Jeffrey Among the experts appearing at iMarketingSF in November, there were numerous seminar conversations about multimedia marketing campaigns and how they can be used effectively. For designers and printers who serve marketers, understanding the significance of data and how to use it effectively is crucial to future success. Stephan Sorger, professor at Hult […]

Get Creative: 10 Ways to Think Outside the Box

Vivian Wagner Owner, V Creative Enterprises, LLC Looking for ways to inspire your staff and boost your business? Try these 10 tips for getting your employees to think more creatively. Smart business owners encourage their employees to be creative. After all, employees are on the front lines and often know better than anyone how to […]

Would you follow a penguin?

As our fascination with Augmented Reality grows, so does some great ways to make good marketing use of this amazing technology. Not long ago,  Amanda Le  (our Augmented Reality Expert and speaker at imarketingsf) was visiting Japan at the time of the release of this Sunshine Aquarium penguin campaign and said that people were going crazy over this latest […]

Vespa Augmented Reality by 900lbs of Creative

Does 900 lbs. mean they are a real heavy weight? 900lbs of Creative is a collective of experiential designers, interactive artists and content developers who design experiences for a diverse range of events, exhibits and emerging technology. We can make our own decisions when we hear Steve Dietz share his stories at imarketingSF on Nov. 5. In the mean time, […]

Social Mobile Rich Media – More Than A Mouthful

Many designers and marketers have discovered that rich media can not only be an exciting challenge for exploring the extent of digital marketing, but can also be a highly effective and interactive way of reaching and engaging customers. Businesses in general are recognizing that the more “contact” a marketing strategy includes with the consumer, the […]

What Will Advertisements Be Like In 100 Years?

Industry is always moving forwards. Businesses and marketers are focused on growth, and promotions seem to evolve with both technology and social trends. When advertisement was still a burgeoning business a century ago, designers and graphic artists would have been hard pressed to imagine the current digital world. Companies relied on different tactics to promote […]

10 Quick Tips About Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is rapidly becoming the most popular channel for businesses to gain clients, build professional leads, and promote brand and reputation. Although many companies already use this avenue, some businesses are just exploring the potential. In getting started, a few quick pointers can guide the way to a successful outcome: 1. Involve your […]

Blink Marketing

Graphic designs consider a number of factors when generating quintessential portrayals of a brand. While images require a sense of balance that conveys a polished elegance which is also universally appealing, these designs also need to capture and express much information in a very concise way. Within a single logo of just a few well […]