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Strategic Selling: Making the Most of LinkedIn for Networking & Social Selling

By Leslie Groene Have you looked at your LinkedIn profile lately? Did you know that your LI home page is like your own personal business journal? I asked my colleague Lynne Gullo, who coaches people on how to set up their LI profile, to provide a few tips as a refresher on how important LinkedIn […]

Is Print Personalization a Gimmick?

By guest blogger, Ian Flynn, Direct Response Imaging Print personalization — you hear about it everywhere. Use printed pieces to talk directly to recipients based on name, gender, past purchase history, or other information to achieve higher response rates and better return on investment (ROI). Is this really a smart marketing approach? Or is it […]

A/B Testing is today as yesterday

By Barbara Silverman I find myself a bit entertained by this new and exciting practice of A/B testing. I see it in context for evaluating the effectiveness of email blasts and web pages, mobile apps and who knows what else! Now, I’m not taking issue with the idea of testing. It affords terrific opportunities to […]

Consumers to be target of informational ad campaign

By Noel Jeffrey For generations printing industry leaders have been mulling over consumer messaging as a way to increase business. The old “Got Milk?” campaign was an oft cited example to be imitated. Until now, the idea never advanced beyond the talking stages—no funding. This summer it becomes a reality thanks to an entity known […]

The Art of Thought: Graham Wallas on the Four Stages of Creativity, 1926

by Maria Popova How to master the beautiful osmosis of conscious and unconscious, voluntary and involuntary, deliberate and serendipitous. In 1926, thirteen years before James Webb Young’s Technique for Producing Ideas and more than three decades before Arthur Koestler’s seminal “bisociation” theory of how creativity works, English social psychologist and London School of Economics co-founder […]

REX RAY September 11, 1956 – February 9, 2015

Celebrated artist and graphic designer Rex Ray died on February 9, 2015 in San Francisco, California after a prolonged struggle with cancer. A major cultural force in the art, literary, and activist communities in the Bay Area, he was recognized for his collage pop aesthetic. Born Michael Patterson in Germany on a United States army […]