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Moving Forward Into History; The Interwoven Evolution Of Graphic Design And Technology

Although the modern focus and education in graphic design focuses strongly on impacts over the past century, this type of communication dates back to the dawn of mankind. In truth, graphic design is really the use of visual mass communication. When taken at its most basic principles, the impressions that are achieved through cave paintings, […]

Will We Become Borgs?

Even if you have only watched Star Trek – The Next Generation in passing, you are probably familiar with Borgs. Resistance is futile is this pop-culture reference which has made its way into many channels and become a tag line for everything from social commentary to product promotion. This does make you wonder about the […]

Cross-Media Conundrum

Cross-media is not a new concept. As a marketing strategy it has been employed over the decades from a place in old radio serials to more modern applications with visual media. This makes the concept somewhat controversial, since it could essentially include any use of more than a single channel to reach an audience. However, […]

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Social Media Marketing

While you may use social media in your personal life for many positive benefits, expanding your circles into the professional arena can come with a some practices that require a bit of consideration before implementing. Following friends is one thing, but when online interactions involve your brand image, you always want to make sure that […]