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Taking Technology Too Far?

The purpose of a good design is to convey a message in ways that makes a social impact and connects on a subconscious and emotional level, as well as rational and cognitive ones. Traditionally, the precise manipulation of form and space has led to images that speak volumes by simply being what they are. Software […]

Will We Become Borgs?

Even if you have only watched Star Trek – The Next Generation in passing, you are probably familiar with Borgs. Resistance is futile is this pop-culture reference which has made its way into many channels and become a tag line for everything from social commentary to product promotion. This does make you wonder about the […]

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Social Media Marketing

While you may use social media in your personal life for many positive benefits, expanding your circles into the professional arena can come with a some practices that require a bit of consideration before implementing. Following friends is one thing, but when online interactions involve your brand image, you always want to make sure that […]

Do You Hashtag?

Asking someone if they hashtag is somewhat like asking if they use the Dewey Decimal System. If you are highly involved with social media, you may be wondering how anyone could not understand hashtags, but if you are more of a dabbler in the realm of online networks, you may register that it is there, […]

How To Market To Baby Boomers

These days, thanks to technology and a growing spending power in the Generation X demographic, a lot of attention is given to the younger shoppers. But let’s not forget the Baby Boomers. They still have vital purchasing power and could present profitable opportunities for the right businesses. Take a look at the stats: • Within […]

Are You “Engaged”?

Marketing experts, business gurus, and tech wizards have all been saying for years now that social media is one of the single most important marketing tools that has ever been created. And with good reason. Consider that billions of people use Twitter and Facebook every day, and then consider that you can directly interact with […]