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10 Tips To Make You A Better Networker

Social media and online interactions have become a professional showcase for generating business and employment leads, especially for those of us in the “communications” world such as marketers, designers and all who support these businesses. This medium can allow you to showcase your skills, talents, and portfolio, while also promoting yourself through text and interactions. Further, online […]

Viral 2.0

Guest blogger, Jonah Berger There’s a lot of excitement around viral. But it’s time to move past the hype and focus on how it can really benefit business. It’s time for Viral 2.0. You can’t go a week without hearing about some new viral video. WestJet’s Christmas Miracle. Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic split between Volvo trucks. What […]

Announcing 3 Lunch & Learn’s. Sexual Harassment & Prevention Certification with Richard Lord

Although the state only requires employers with over 50 employees to provide the training, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training is strongly recommended for all California employers regardless of the size. Everyone in a supervisory, management or perceived supervisory role should be trained to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination. VMA’s Human Resource consultant, Richard Lord, […]

2013 Showcase of Print/Design Excellence Winners Announce

We take a rest at Deep Gap and then hump it over Potato Hill, Cattail Peak and Balsam Cone to Big Tom Gap by 12:00. I leave Bob there after negotiating a ride for him with some hikers who happened to be walking by towards the parking lot. Of course I take the wet tarp with me and all of Bob’s water bottles to fill and lug into camp so he can scamper out to the car for his food.