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VDP Isn’t a Disease, But 70% of Marketers Treat It Like One

By Heather Fletcher About 70 percent of marketers told Target Marketing that in 2016, they didn’t use variable digital printing (VDP). Perhaps best known by one of its derivations, variable data printing — which allows personalization, VDP is by definition a cutting-edge technology in a traditional channel that’s seeing less and less marketing investment. Print and […]

How Steven Heller Redefined the Design Industry

Heller in his office. Photo by David Everly. SVA’s Steven Heller has helped launch dozens of high-profile design careers. To his protégés, he seems like the ultimate insider — but he didn’t start out that way. Steven Heller is sitting in his office at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, sipping iced green tea and editing a draft of […]

Magazine Covers by Famous Artists: Dali, Picasso, Braque & More

by Steven Brower It’s hard to fathom that almost two decades into the 21st century that there could still be a chasm between the worlds of “fine art” and graphic design. Especially considering that in the early part of the twentieth century these lines were blurred, as evidenced previously with the design work of Henri Matisse […]

The Emoji Is the Birth of a New Type of Language ( No Joke)

  by Clive Thompson TYLER SCHNOEBELEN HAS discovered something curious about why people use the skull emoji. Schnoebelen is a linguist and the chief analyst for Idibon, a firm that interprets linguistic data. So recently he got interested in emoji. He analyzed a million social media posts containing those familiar little pictograms and found that […]

Supermundane, Eelus & more collaborate with The Private Press on screen print collection

by Miriam Harris Eight UK graphic artists have pulled together to create a new collection – the Edition Series – showcasing the best of screen-printing techniques in collaboration with The Private Press. Rose Blake, Supermundane (Rob Lowe), Eelus, Adrian Johnson, Turbo Island, The Stereo-typist (Alex Borg), Esther Cox and Steven Wilson have each created new […]

Facebook’s turned to TV to boost Facebook Live

Max Willens    Facebook might have over a billion daily active users. But in an attempt to drive mass adoption of Facebook Live, it has turned to TV, becoming a major advertiser there in the process. Last month, the company launched the largest TV-advertising campaign in its history, airing over 20 different commercials more than 1,700 times, and […]

How Publishers Are Tapping Digital Book Printing Opportunity to Drive Revenues

How book publishers are driving greater revenue and creating more efficient processes using digital printing technology. By Ellen Harvey The following article was originally published by Book Business. To read more of their content, subscribe to their newsletter, Book Business Insight. The world of digital content is changing so rapidly with the rise of mobile, […]


by Terri Stone The United States’ National Parks are some of the country’s most treasured places. If you have fond memories of a National Park visit—or even if you’re just a fan of good design—you’ll enjoy the 59 Parks Print Series. This series, with a poster dedicated to each park, is the brainchild of JP […]

Viral 2.0

Guest blogger, Jonah Berger There’s a lot of excitement around viral. But it’s time to move past the hype and focus on how it can really benefit business. It’s time for Viral 2.0. You can’t go a week without hearing about some new viral video. WestJet’s Christmas Miracle. Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic split between Volvo trucks. What […]