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Is your SMB ready for the next Industrial Revolution?

There’s no doubt about it: The Internet of Things (IoT) will fundamentally change the way we experience our world. The smooth functioning of healthcare, finance, transportation, utilities, and households – even entire cities – will soon be dependent on the data generated by IoT. We know that IoT technologies will impact key relationships including people […]

How Consumers Respond to Brands on Social Media: New Research

by Michelle Krasniak Want to know why some brands connect with consumers more than others on social media? Wondering if the tone of your social media marketing is affecting sales? In this article, you’ll find insights from new research that reveal how consumers feel about the content and conversations businesses are serving up on social media. […]

9 Reasons Every Professional Should Know a Little HTML and CSS

By Adda Birnir This article was originally published in themuse. You’ve heard over and over that everyone should learn to code. Alright already! But as a writer, marketer, finance guru, or nonprofit worker, why in the world should you get into coding? Well, I’m here to tell you that even a little knowledge of HTML […]

Irina Blok inspires students at Art Institute

What’s weighing on the minds of design students today? They know that creativity won’t be enough to land them their dream jobs. And, they know they will have to be proactive to get where they want to go. As they separate from the safety of their educational institutions and venture out to pursue their dreams they often […]

Would you follow a penguin?

As our fascination with Augmented Reality grows, so does some great ways to make good marketing use of this amazing technology. Not long ago,  Amanda Le  (our Augmented Reality Expert and speaker at imarketingsf) was visiting Japan at the time of the release of this Sunshine Aquarium penguin campaign and said that people were going crazy over this latest […]

Social Mobile Rich Media – More Than A Mouthful

Many designers and marketers have discovered that rich media can not only be an exciting challenge for exploring the extent of digital marketing, but can also be a highly effective and interactive way of reaching and engaging customers. Businesses in general are recognizing that the more “contact” a marketing strategy includes with the consumer, the […]

10 Quick Tips About Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is rapidly becoming the most popular channel for businesses to gain clients, build professional leads, and promote brand and reputation. Although many companies already use this avenue, some businesses are just exploring the potential. In getting started, a few quick pointers can guide the way to a successful outcome: 1. Involve your […]