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Relief for Vision, Dental Under ACA

If you offer vision, dental and other similar additional benefits, you need to make sure they are offered as separate from your main health insurance policy to ensure they fall outside of certain health reform regulations. The Obama Administration published this guidance in early October for so-called “excepted benefits” that many employers offer. Under the […]

Rising Danger of Hacks Spurs Need for Comprehensive Strategies

The “root cause” of the credit and debit card data breach at Target Corp. last year was the company’s lack of a chief information security officer (CISO). That’s according to a former Target manager who made the comment during a talk at the “Work-Bench Enterprise Security Summit,” according to press reports. The news came in […]

The Name Game

Were you ever asked to name a product, a company, an event? We’d like to think that it’s as simple as Shirley Ellis’s Name Game, but we all know it’s not. And of late, due to the battle for URLs, it’s becoming even more challenging. Isn’t that why we are seeing names like SpyPig, Crazy […]


Guest Blogger by Rachel Oakley in New Design Lookout for your edition of WIRED magazine this month. Inside of 150,000 copies (in Chicago and NYC), you’ll find the very first interactive print ad, courtesy of Digitas and T+Ink Technology. Because of the hype surrounding Motorola’s Moto X mobile phone, users who are lucky enough to get their […]