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Would you follow a penguin?

As our fascination with Augmented Reality grows, so does some great ways to make good marketing use of this amazing technology. Not long ago,  Amanda Le  (our Augmented Reality Expert and speaker at imarketingsf) was visiting Japan at the time of the release of this Sunshine Aquarium penguin campaign and said that people were going crazy over this latest […]

Vespa Augmented Reality by 900lbs of Creative

Does 900 lbs. mean they are a real heavy weight? 900lbs of Creative is a collective of experiential designers, interactive artists and content developers who design experiences for a diverse range of events, exhibits and emerging technology. We can make our own decisions when we hear Steve Dietz share his stories at imarketingSF on Nov. 5. In the mean time, […]

A Day In The Year 2023

It is common of human nature to put ourselves at the center of our own universe. In many ways, technology is also helping to reinforce this perspective. Recently, a Swiss organization, Swissnexsf, that promotes sciences, education, and the creative arts hosted a contest to envision what our future will look like, and how that will […]

Paul Rand, Icon Of Icons

As a consummate designer, one of Paul Rand’s initial projects consisted of re-designing himself into a marketable commodity. He was initially born to the name Peretz Rosenbaum in Brooklyn, New York, and went on to study at the Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, and the Art Students League during his mid teens to early […]

The Women’s Movement 2.0

There is no absolute date that the Women’s Movement began but we are coming up on 200 years of documented effort and accomplishments. Thanks to the endeavors of countless men and women who have preceded us – We’ve come a long way, baby.   Recent Neilsen research reveals that women have tremendous spending power in America […]

Expressions, Connections, Reflections, Creations

Win a Full Year of Creative Cloud and others Expressive prizes. What does Expressions mean to you? There are no wrong answers. We invite you to share your images (as many as you like) in anticipation of the upcoming Expressions VisualMedia 013 show on Nov. 6 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Prizes Adobe will give […]