Cross-Media Conundrum

Cross-media is not a new concept. As a marketing strategy it has been employed over the decades from a place in old radio serials to more modern applications with visual media. This makes the concept somewhat controversial, since it could essentially include any use of more than a single channel to reach an audience. However, what does that really mean?

Cross-Media Conundrum

The definition of cross-media will depend upon your own field of expertise. The combination of what you already know with what is trending also makes cross-media hard to pin down. Different innovations, advances, and social preferences can certainly change the applications of cross-media marketing not only in a community, but also over the course of time. Which brings us back to a revisiting of the original question, which should more appropriately ask, what does cross-media mean to you and your business?

Different Strokes

Much of the association of cross-media marketing has come with the use of digital technology. Along with the obvious thoughts of real world and social media campaigns that link outcomes, it can also include the use of technology for unlocking access from printed visuals. However, this is not an all encompassing perspective. Although technology is a driving force in our society, the use of multimedia is not limited to electronic devices. Would you consider an art installation to be a use of cross-media? This is where the conversation on the topic continues to expand.

Cross-Media Conundrum

Maybe the point of cross-media is for it to defy definition, since that is representative of its organic growth and usage. As soon as another outlet is assimilated, then the concept changes once more. The only concern with this approach is that it could confuse the applications. If you don’t really know what something is, how do you use it and how do you modify it for your intended audience? Again, the idea that your own field of expertise plays a large part in this could be integral to the usage of cross-media.

Voicing And Learning

With a multitude of definitions and perspectives, cross-media appears to be an evolving application that is finding a greater outlet with marketers,  designers, printers, and digital creators. It seems as though the combination of all these ideas about the subject are important for gaining a better sense of the impact that it will have on the industry. The Visual Media Alliance will be hosting the Cross-media Summit on November 5th, and by joining us, you will have a chance to share your own insights regarding this trend, and also learn about what others think about ever-shifting marketing technologies. In the meantime, I welcome comments and stories that you have of your own experiences with cross-media, which gives us all food for thought as we get ready for this industry meeting.

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