Micro-Videos – How Will Marketers Keep Pace?

The dawn of television led the way for filmed commercials They have evolved from a basic message to artistic visual stories that connect with the audience on an emotional level.

Micro-Videos - How Will Marketers Keep Pace?

As technology has become more portable and efficient, it stands to reason that the videos will also follow suit. and most recently, the advent of micro-videos has led to a marketing sub-channel that is easy to access and engenders wide viewership. Micro-videos are exactly what the name describes, short, six to sixteen second blurbs that can be put on a loop. Much like the news crawl, these short loops allow for concise and compacted information to be accessed by any viewing audience, and it appeals strongly to the modern social attention span.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Micro-videos present an interesting approach for marketers. They require a very concise type of creativity in order to make a quick and impactful message. Because these visuals are short loops, they are almost universally accessible. The data does not take up as much processing power as a traditional video, so they can be viewed on almost any electronic device or operating system.

The smaller size of these videos also means that they can be recorded fairly easily and instantly uploaded. Internet sites like Vine and Tumblr that host micro-videos allow you to shoot the short right on your phone and immediately post it. This can allow you to stay focused on the vision, and also to generate a number of iterations for the promotional message.

Micro-Videos - How Will Marketers Keep Pace?

For marketers, this can be a double edged sword. There is certainly a tendency to flood the internet with micro-videos, and the results can lead to differing outcomes. Competition in marketing can generate a glut that may alienate the audience, but it may also become a ubiquitous presence that requires new material, all the time. The arc of this trend remains to be seen.

You may have experimented with micro-videos, either for practice or for promotion. Do you think this is a viable direction of marketing? How do you think it will affect your brand and your business? As we explore these new frontiers, one way that we can learn to navigate the path is by sharing our own perspectives on this growing outlet.

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