A Day In The Year 2023

It is common of human nature to put ourselves at the center of our own universe. In many ways, technology is also helping to reinforce this perspective. Recently, a Swiss organization, Swissnexsf, that promotes sciences, education, and the creative arts hosted a contest to envision what our future will look like, and how that will affect our interactions. The contest involved the use of transmedia to create a day in the life in the year 2023.

A Day In The Year 2023

This contest, named Story2023, was judged by respected members of the industry, including Jeff Gomez of StarLight Runner, Maya Zuckerman of TransmediaSF and  Nicoletta Lacobacci of TEDxTransmedia. The winning entry was Michael2023, and revolved around an electronics engineer who goes through an average day with the aid of digitally enhanced contact lenses. The entry addressed global and social issues, but also considered the way technology may change very mundane activities and how this also changes our perception of media and ourselves.

In The Blink Of An Eye

One very interesting aspect that was addressed is the way communications have altered. The optical input allows for all the benefits of electronic devices and thus fosters connection. However, since the computer is within the contact lens, it also creates a personal experience which allows the individual to stay centered and have greater control over interactions. The result is a human-centric universe that utilizes technology in a synergistic manner.

A Day In The Year 2023

Watching the winning entry also gave pause to the question of what life might be like in the year 2023. Using this video as a starting point, how would you expand upon the universe that team Michael created? What other changes would you see in your everyday life? I want to open this forum here and encourage it to grow as we get ready for the Cross-Media Summit on November 6th. Virtual Media Alliance is not only open to your input on this thread, but would also like to encourage you to speak or attend at the upcoming event. If you are interested in joining in any capacity, please contact or

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