Cal/OSHA Working on Rules to Protect Outdoor Workers from Wildfire Smoke

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jun 24, 2019

Cal/OSHA is developing regulations that would require employers of outdoor workers to provide respiratory equipment when air quality is significantly affected by wildfires....

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2019 Premier Print Award Winners

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jun 20, 2019

And the winners are... The 2,240 entries in this year's Premier Print Awards competition have kept many a confounded delivery driver busy in the past few months as they ...

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Conduct Diversity Training to Head Off Potential Lawsuits

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jun 19, 2019

After R&B star SZA said she had security called on her while shopping at a Zefora store in California, the chain closed all of its U.S. stores for an hour to conduct â€...

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If Your Firm Is Sued for Discrimination, Act Fast to Check EEOC Complaint

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jun 13, 2019

Employers that are hit with a discrimination complaint must act fast to compare the allegations in the lawsuit to the earlier complaint the worker filed to the Equal Employ...

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Why Your Business May Need Pollution Insurance

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jun 07, 2019

Many businesses that produce some type of pollutant throughout the course of daily business operations don’t know they are doing so. Others know they are producing pol...

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How to Prepare for Possible PG&E Power Shutdowns

Posted by: VMA Staff | May 28, 2019

PG&E has warned California residents and businesses that it may shut down the power grid for as long as five days for large portions of the state when there are high-wi...

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Business Growth Can Lead to Increased Risk

Posted by: VMA Staff | May 21, 2019

As the economy continues expanding, companies need to be careful about properly managing their risk, according to a report by Advisen Inc., an insurance research and data f...

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VMA Helps You Stay Compliant with the New Anti-Sexual Harassment Law

Posted by: VMA Staff | May 20, 2019

VMA has formed a partnership with Traliant as a trusted provider of choice for Sexual Harassment Training, and has negotiated fantastic below-market rates on behalf of...

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Six Affordable Ways to Achieve Luxurious Print

Posted by: VMA Staff | May 16, 2019

Ashley Maydak, Brand Marketing Manager at Domtar Paper, explains in the Podcasts from the Printer that you don’t need a ton of money to make fancy print – it all ha...

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Judge Shoots Down Association Plans

Posted by: VMA Staff | May 16, 2019

A federal judge has rejected the Trump administration’s rules for association plans, saying they are an attempt to allow employers to skirt their obligations under th...

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