Time to Post Your OSHA Form 300A

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jan 25, 2022

Employers with 10 or more employees must post their completed OSHA Form 300A by Feb. 1 and keep it posted in their workplace until April 30. The form must be posted wher...

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Sexual Harassment Lawsuits: How to Protect Your Company

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jan 18, 2022

By now, employers should all realize and understand that sexual harassment is illegal. Employers are directly responsible for employee behavior, which gives harassed wor...

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Long-Haul COVID Can Be Covered under ADA

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jan 12, 2022

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued guidance stating that employees suffering from "long COVID-19" may be protected under workplace disability discrimina...

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Non-Owned Auto Coverage Essential for Any Business

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jan 06, 2022

Even businesses that own fleets of autos sometimes use vehicles that do not belong to them. Often, a company asks an employee to run an errand or visit a customer or vendor...

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Happy Holidays!

Posted by: VMA Staff | Dec 23, 2021


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Stay on Top of These New Laws, Rules in 2022

Posted by: VMA Staff | Dec 16, 2021

Every year starts with a flurry of new laws and regulations that California employers have to contend with. And 2022 is no different as the California legislature had a ...

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Dear David: What is a workweek?

Posted by: David Katz | Dec 09, 2021

Question: What is a workweek? Is it just our hours of operation? Answer: A workweek is not the same thing as your hours of operation. Rather, it defines the 168-ho...

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Holding a Safe End-of-Year Holiday Party

Posted by: VMA Staff | Dec 08, 2021

Last year, most companies canceled their holiday parties as COVID-19 case rates started surging after the Thanksgiving holidays and as people started spending more time ind...

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Employees Responsible for 85% of Trade Secret Theft

Posted by: VMA Staff | Dec 01, 2021

Trade secret theft by employees is a serious and growing problem in the U.S. According to an analysis of federal court cases, 85% of such theft is committed by employees or...

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Semper Print Industry Workforce Solutions – Fall 2021 Survey Results

Posted by: VMA Staff | Nov 29, 2021

Semper Workforce Solutions routinely conducts surveys within their jobseeker database to stay on top of what workers need in the printing and packaging industries. In the...

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