Swedish researchers closer to a commercial paper battery for smart packaging

Posted by: Tony Curcio | Sep 05, 2018

  BillerudKorsnäs (Solna, Sweden), a world leader in offering the packaging market sustainable materials (specifically paper and board material) and solu...

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How to Get Students Interested in Print

Posted by: John Berthelsen | Sep 05, 2018

Companies throughout the industry (and this includes suppliers) are facing a common problem. They have an increasing number of employees...

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Fifteen Warning Signs of Workers’ Comp Fraud

Posted by: VMA Staff | Sep 05, 2018

Workers’ compensation fraud costs the insurance industry roughly $5 billion each year, according to estimates by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. And depending on who...

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Proposition 65: New Warning Requirements

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 31, 2018

Proposition 65 (“The safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986”) requires any company with 10 or more employees to ensure that consumers and workers receive...

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Prompt Filing of Commercial Auto Claims Can Stop Problems before They Start

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 29, 2018

While a driving employee may be flustered after an accident and may not be thinking of reporting the incident immediately, for you, the policyholder, the clock starts ticki...

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What’s Driving Continued Fall in California Rates

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 22, 2018

There could be yet another workers’ comp rate reduction coming down the pike, after California’s rating agency filed a recommendation that benchmark rates for policies ...

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Modern offset presses require special consideration

Posted by: Laurel Brunner | Aug 20, 2018

by Laurel Brunner Laurel Brunner discusses the importance of reviewing the environmental benefits of sustainable technologies. It seems so simple...

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First Textbook to Use ‘Clickable Paper’ Enhances Engagement

Posted by: Printing Impressions | Aug 20, 2018

SEATTLE - June 1, 2018 - Cal Poly Professor Emeritus Harvey R. Levenson, Ph.D., and former Seybold Editorial Director John Parsons have co-authored and pu...

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Even Small, Mid-sized Firms Need a Crisis Management Plan

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 15, 2018

With risks to companies and employees growing, sometimes the unthinkable happens and a business has a real crisis on its hands. While large companies are usually well-pr...

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Use Technology to Prevent Losses and Manage Your Risk

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 08, 2018

Businesses are discovering that smartphones and tablet computers, besides being distractions for their employees, can also help them better manage their risks. An increa...

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