You Can Be Sued if a Customer Harasses Your Staff

Posted by: VMA Staff | Sep 21, 2021

With confrontations between angry customers and employees just trying to do their jobs increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, employers need to make sure they have polici...

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OSHA to Issue Vaccine Mandate Rules for Larger Employers

Posted by: VMA Staff | Sep 15, 2021

The Biden administration has announced plans to require businesses with 100 or more employees to require their workers to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or be tested for the co...

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Businesses and Insurers Are Fighting Over Coverage for COVID-Caused Shutdowns

Posted by: VMA Staff | Sep 07, 2021

In courtrooms all over the country, battles are occurring between businesses who endured COVID-19-related shutdowns and insurance companies who believe they are not obligat...

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Small Firms Saddled with Majority of Tort Liability Costs

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 31, 2021

Despite accounting for 19% of revenues among firms in the United States, small businesses shoulder more than 53% of all commercial tort liability costs, according to a new ...

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Dear David: Prohibiting Personal Phone Use During Work Hours — Is This Okay?

Posted by: David Katz | Aug 25, 2021

Question: Prohibiting Personal Phone Use During Work Hours — Is This Okay? Answer: Yes, you can limit or prohibit the use of personal devices during work hours. ...

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The Key to Making More Money

Posted by: Bill Farquharson | Aug 25, 2021

Good morning! Imagine this scenario: You are one of five sales reps sitting in a conference room, each representing a different company. A customer walks in and h...

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New Funding Round for State COVID-19 Relief Grants Opening

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 24, 2021

California is opening a new funding round for its Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program for companies that have taken a financial hit due to the pandemic. The new...

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Wildfires Make for Difficult Commercial Property Insurance Market

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 17, 2021

As wildfires continue ravaging the West, more businesses in wildfire-prone areas are facing a difficult commercial property insurance market as insurers reduce their exposu...

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Keeping Your Indoor Workers Cool During Intense Heat

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 11, 2021

Despite a law requiring that Cal/OSHA create indoor heat illness regulations by 2019, no regulations are yet on the books, making for a difficult situation as many parts of...

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Retaliating Against Employees for Raising COVID-19 Concerns Can Cost You

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 03, 2021

The Department of Labor has sued a Texas dental practice on behalf of a dental hygienist and a dental assistant who were not reinstated after raising concerns about what CO...

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