Workers Who File Claims More Likely to File Subsequent Ones

Posted by: VMA Staff | Apr 18, 2018

A new study has found that people who have had workers’ comp claims in the past are more likely to file future claims compared to those who have never suffered an on-the-...

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LinkedIn Adds Sponsored Video & Video for Company Pages

Posted by: VMA | Apr 12, 2018

Video is the most popular content form, so it’s no wonder LinkedIn jumped on the bandwagon. According to internal data, LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a ...

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New Year, New Laws, New Regs

Posted by: Cheryl Chong | Apr 12, 2018

With what has been dominating the headlines recently on sexual harassment claims, it is absolutely imperative that organizations examine their policies regarding the re...

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7 Secrets to Creating Direct Mail that Sells

Posted by: VMA | Apr 12, 2018

Direct mail may not be as common as it was, say, 20 years ago, but it’s still effective if you do it right. Here are seven things to consider to successfully gain mor...

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When the Customer Is Sexually Harassing One of Your Employees

Posted by: VMA Staff | Apr 12, 2018

Society has become increasingly aware of the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Several high-profile offenders have seen their careers harmed or ended. Emplo...

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Spring Clean Your Selling Strategies!

Posted by: Leslie Groene | Apr 11, 2018

by Leslie Goene We all need to regularly spring clean our sales approach in order to function at our best. This means completing an inventory of how we interact with prosp...

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Keep Injured Workers in the Loop to Reduce Claims Costs

Posted by: VMA Staff | Apr 04, 2018

One perennial topic in workplace safety is how to get injured workers back on the job as quickly as possible, and when it is safe to do so. The key, experts say, is to h...

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How to Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Posted by: VMA Staff | Mar 30, 2018

Workplace violence is a major problem in the United States. People are hurt or killed every month by co-workers or patrons. While it is not as common a problem as sexual...

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OSHA Goes Back More Than Five Years for Repeat Violations

Posted by: VMA Staff | Mar 20, 2018

OSHA can look beyond five years to assess “repeat violations” when considering the penalties against an employer for breaching workplace safety regulations, a U.S. appe...

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Ruling May Open Firms up to Prosecution, Employee Suits in Safety Cases

Posted by: VMA Staff | Mar 13, 2018

The California State Supreme Court has issued a landmark opinion that paves the way for employees who have been injured at work due to their employer’s violations of Cal/...

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