Small Firms Saddled with Majority of Tort Liability Costs

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 31, 2021

Despite accounting for 19% of revenues among firms in the United States, small businesses shoulder more than 53% of all commercial tort liability costs, according to a new ...

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Dear David: Prohibiting Personal Phone Use During Work Hours — Is This Okay?

Posted by: David Katz | Aug 25, 2021

Question: Prohibiting Personal Phone Use During Work Hours — Is This Okay? Answer: Yes, you can limit or prohibit the use of personal devices during work hours. ...

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The Key to Making More Money

Posted by: Bill Farquharson | Aug 25, 2021

Good morning! Imagine this scenario: You are one of five sales reps sitting in a conference room, each representing a different company. A customer walks in and h...

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New Funding Round for State COVID-19 Relief Grants Opening

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 24, 2021

California is opening a new funding round for its Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program for companies that have taken a financial hit due to the pandemic. The new...

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Wildfires Make for Difficult Commercial Property Insurance Market

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 17, 2021

As wildfires continue ravaging the West, more businesses in wildfire-prone areas are facing a difficult commercial property insurance market as insurers reduce their exposu...

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Retaliating Against Employees for Raising COVID-19 Concerns Can Cost You

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 03, 2021

The Department of Labor has sued a Texas dental practice on behalf of a dental hygienist and a dental assistant who were not reinstated after raising concerns about what CO...

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Ready to Raise Your Rates? Here’s How

Posted by: VMA Staff | Aug 02, 2021

As our economy reopens, we are seeing many examples of price increases coming from supply not catching up with growing demand. While there does not seem to be a printin...

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Dear David: When you make a change to your employee handbook, do you know whether you’re required to notify your staff?

Posted by: David Katz | Aug 02, 2021

Question: We recently made some changes to our handbook policies regarding benefits offered to employees and have a disclaimer stating, "The Company reserves the exclu...

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Workers’ Compensation Benchmark Rate Reduction Ordered

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jul 27, 2021

California’s insurance commissioner has approved a 3.4% reduction in the average workers’ compensation benchmark rate as of Sept. 1, 2021. Ricardo Lara decided to or...

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Workers’ Comp COVID-19 Payroll Reporting Rules Sunsetting

Posted by: VMA Staff | Jul 13, 2021

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau has announced that two temporary payroll reporting rules to reflect changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-...

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