Cash Management Suite

Having trouble with your cash flow? The VMA Cash Management Suite is designed to help you minimize bad debt write-offs. We help you avoid bad credit risks on the front end and we help you collect from delinquent accounts on the back end.

Let’s face it. When it comes to things like pulling credit reports or collecting on past due invoices, most business owners find every excuse in the book avoid these tasks. Find everything you need to enhance your business and improve revenue flow.

Experian Reports

Experian credit reports are another important tool in your defense against the catastrophic credit loss. Protect your company against bad debts and potential late-payers. Access full credit reports or simple scores at member rates & the choice is yours.

Collection Services

Offered through our partnership with Commercial Collect Service, Inc., this service takes the burden of collecting on past-due invoices off your shoulders.

Attorney Demand Letter

An Attorney Demand Letter provides your non-paying customer the opportunity to resolve the debt before any legal action is taken. The letter is sent by a law firm requesting immediate payment by the debtor to your company and a copy of the letter is sent to you.

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