Not getting your collection phone calls returned?
Want action on the account, but not ready to turn it over to collection yet?

Settling Your Dispute May be as Easy as Sending a Payment Demand Letter.
An Attorney Demand Letter provides your non-paying customer the opportunity to resolve the debt before any legal action is taken. This service is by the Commerical Collection Services. The letter is sent by a law firm requesting immediate payment by the debtor to your company and a copy of the letter is sent to you.

Key Benefits
Let ‘em Know You’re Serious
This is most effective and the least expensive way to recover monies that are owed to you without incurring the fees of collection agencies or attorneys.

Low Cost
Just $10 per letter. It will be charged to your membership invoice.

Easy To Implement
Just give us the contact and contract information and we’ll do the rest. You can also order this letter online through our SlowPay program. The Attorney Demand Letter will be sent to the debtor and a copy will be fax or mailed to you within five business days.

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