Printing Trends: Metallic & Minimalism

Now that print is back with a vengeance, printers and designers are getting extra creative when it comes to direct mail, marketing materials, catalogs, brochures, and more.

With so many marketing messages vying for people’s attention today, it’s important for a brand to stand out. New advancements now make it easier than ever to add some glitz and glamour to print materials.

Foiling, metallic print, and interactive design are some of the possibilities. Think shimmery detailing on everything from business cards to wedding invitations.

One reason driving the metallic trend could be that people today seem to appreciate simple and clear design with an elegant look and feel over an overly-complicated design (Think: Shopify or SquareSpace homepages), so this minimalistic look leaves plenty of space for fancier design details, such as foiling, metallic and more. And keep in mind that having a minimalist design as the background is key to letting the glittery details shine.

2014 VMA Showcase Awards, Grand Award Winner for Foil Stamp. Printed by Watermark Press for California Academy of Sciences – Big Bang Invitation.

New – Pantone Metallic Colors

This year, Pantone, the color authority, made it even easier to achieve the dazzle by launching a new metallic range for print and packaging design. The collection combines its traditional catalog with 655 trend-relevant metallic shades. Previously, designers used foiling and mylar to achieve the more attraction-getting look. Pantone’s new metallic ink range makes it more affordable and easier than ever to achieve the look.

As an added benefit, the new Pantone colors will help with brand consistency as using Pantone metallics creates a standardization that helps ensure that print and packaging colors can be more easily matched to products, including textiles, plastics, and paint.

Pantone Metallics Color Wheel

TouchFoil 3D Metallic Dimensionality

“TouchFoil 3D™” digital print embellishment by the Professional Printing Center is an exciting special effects method. The new technology adds dimensionality by creating a look that creates texture through the addition of holographic and colored foils. A key feature of this technology is that it is essentially “Print-On-Demand”, taking quantity constraints out of the picture.

3D Foil Printing / Caption: 3D Foil Printing CloseUp

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