Why Do Videos Sell?

The future of online marketing is rapidly changing. Top 10 lists, fun quizzes, and more are growing in popularity. But videos have remained one of the best options for standing out online, whether it’s with a quick YouTube upload, embedding a video in a website, or placing a video ad on an external site. There are plenty of reasons for this, including the fact that the shorter attention spans the internet has given birth to are tailor-made for a video, the kind of detailed look at something a video can provide, and its ability to be more entertaining that other options.

Why Do Videos Sell?

But do videos really sell? Even with dropping price points, are they still a valid option that is worth investing in? We think that the only real way to answer those questions is to take a closer look at the numbers. Below is an examination of some of the raw data associated with online videos:

• Studies have found that about one third of all online activity each day is actually spent watching videos of one form or another.

• On average, an internet user is exposed to about 32 videos every month during their online activity. Heavy online users are exposed to even more.

• YouTube has actually went beyond just being a video streaming site, and is now the number two search engine in the world, right behind Google.

• Research has found that about 75% of all online users pay a visit to a marketed website after viewing the associated video.

• Each and every day, about 100 million people watch an online video of some kind.

• 12% of viewers purchase a product or service mentioned in a video ad following the viewing of that ad.

• When video is utilized in an email marketing message, lead conversion rates increase about 51%.

• Research has shown that thanks to new algorithms used by search engines, a website is actually about 50 times more likely to show up on the initial page of a search engine search if it includes videos. That alone makes video an important addition to a website.

Why Do Videos Sell?

All in all, video is a major player in online marketing and in online business. While hosting fees and creation fees can seem prohibitive at times, the numbers don’t lie. It really can generate some of the absolute best results for your marketing efforts and help your work stand out in a crowded online world.

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