Discount Programs

It’s true that you’ve got to spend money to make money. But the way we see it, you shouldn’t have to spend that much money.

And with VMA’s Discount Programs, you don’t have to.

Please contact VMA at (800) 659-3363 or for more details on how to access these programs or to offer a discount for VMA Members.

Premium Discounts for Premium Folks

Thanks to its buying power of over 800 member companies, VMA is able to negotiate much better discounts than most members would be able to achieve on their own.

In fact, taking advantage of just one or two of these discounts may cover your cost of membership.

(We told you we were good.)

Here’s the rundown on the discounts all of our members receive:


Save money on virtually all Apple products purchased online.


Stop paying too much for credit card processing! BASYS makes accepting debit cards and credit cards convenient, safe, and affordable.


Members can now receive up to 40% off the everyday price of Dell branded small business products (laptops, desktops, workstations, all-in-ones, thin clients, monitors, servers, storage, and networking) and Dell branded electronics and accessories.

Employers Choice Screening

Reduce workplace violence, theft, fraud, substance abuse and negligent hiring liabilities by conducting an employee background screening at 20% savings.


Keep tabs on all things credit-related as you track and monitor your credit cards.


Save up to 64% on all of your company’s shipping needs.

Prudential Overall Supply

Save 25% on personal protection items, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, sanitizers, shop towels, and more.


Save up to 30% on packages you ship anywhere in the world.


Save more than 50% with Traliant, an effective and engaging online training solution to comply with CA Labor Laws on Sexual Harassment Training which must be completed before January 1, 2020 and repeated every 2 years.


1Password is a privacy-focused password manager that keeps you safe online. VMA Members can get a free 3-month trial code.

Just for Printers

The way we see it, our friends in the printing industry deserve access to some pretty juicy programs, discounts, and services. That’s why VMA has worked tirelessly to provide you with all of the benefits that Corporate level members receive in addition to the following:


For VMA members with flexo presses, the FLAG (Flexo Label Advantage Group, LLC) Flex program provides an unprecedented opportunity to save thousands in rebates on purchases you make for your business everyday. Rebates are available on everything from ink and coatings and tool and die products, to pre-press supplies, Anilox rolls, roll label substrate, and more. How does it get any better? How about the fact that there's no fee for members to participate? Oh, yes, we did.

FSC Certification

Enjoy top-drawer training to help you earn Forest Management, Chain of Custody, or Controlled Wood certification.

IPA Buying Group

The Independent Printers Alliance allows you to tap into substantial discounts and rebates on major purchases including paper, ink, prepress supplies, pressroom supplies, and shipping.

Semper International

Enjoy access to the largest industry-specific temp staffing company to find you the best skilled print, pre-media, marketing, and digital talent for your business.

Shop Towels

A printing shop's can't-live-without necessity, this cleaning shop towel program provides competitive prices and state-of-the-art environmental compliance technology with Prudential Overall Supply.

The Management Guys

The Management Guys is a consulting partnership with more than 75 years of experience in the printing industry, bringing you solid, sensible answers with just a no-cost phone call or email.

UPS Freight

Whether shipping coast to coast, or just down the road, members enjoy savings beginning at 70% on all heavyweight items.

Other Discounts

As a company-level member of VMA, you are also automatically a member of the Printing Industries of America (PIA).

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