Affordable FSC Certification
VMA is now able to make affordable FSC certification available to its members under a group certification program. Certification which normally can run members upwards of $5,000 per year is available for $1,695 per year under a group contract. The maximum shop size to qualify is $5M in annual sales.

The group certificate carries the same weight as an individually obtained one and the FSC logo may be used by companies with either type of certification.

Why Obtain FSC Certification?
Often provides your company with an important sales advantage. It’s the right thing to do.

Who Can Participate?
Companies applying for group certification must have annual sales less than $5 million and be in good standing with VMA. Companies that are currently under FSC agreements can join, but will have to wait until their current agreements expire.

Simplified Process
A subset (randomly selected) of the group will receive a full audit, while all other participants will receive an annual “overview” audit, avoiding the cost of a full audit. But all firms will be visited. And, eventually all will receive a full audit.

Lower Cost
For companies with sales under $5 million the cost is only $1695, rather than the average certification cost of $5,000.

Admission to the group generally takes 4-6 weeks from receipt of the enrollment form and check.

Learn More About the FSC Certification

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