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Printing 101: Introduction to Graphic Communications Workshop

Offered through Print[Ed], this virtual four-week course will be offered from August 29 to September 26, 2022 on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. VMA will partially subsidize members. Members and their employees are eligible.

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Mail Design Professional Certification

This virtual workshop is developed by USPS on  mailpiece design to meet the USPS automation standards. Get a 2-year MDP Certification after successfully passing the exam. Great for CSRs, sales, designers, and others new to the industry.

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Visual Media Alliance offers scholarships for students enrolled in college or university for those pursuing graphic or print communications. The general fund is supported by the Guy and Louise Condrott Scholarship Fund, Inc. and the VMA Scholarship Fund through various fundraising events throughout the year. Up to 10 awards of $1,000 each are granted to students each year.

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