Webinar: Boost Sales and Margins with USPS Services

Webinar: Boost Sales and Margins with Cutting Edge USPS Services
Direct mail remains an essential marketing channel and an important source of revenue for printers. New Postal Service programs offer you a way to add value to your direct mail offerings and improve your margins. Informed Visibility allows you and your customers to follow each piece of mail through the postal system to delivery. Informed Delivery gives consumers a daily email preview of what to expect in their mail box that day. Learn how these programs can benefit you and your customers.

In this session you will learn how your customers can link their mail to online marketing using these programs, with step-by-step guidance in how to create these services and sell and market them to your customers.

You Will Learn
• The basics of what Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility are
• How these services benefit your customers - and you
• How to build a multi-channel campaign around your direct mail
• The mechanics of using these services
• Pricing methods for added mailing services - adding margin
• Boosting your direct mail sales using advanced mailing services
• Marketing your new services

Who Should Attend
Sales Managers
Account Execs
Operations management

Webinar Presenter
Dave Lewis


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