Webinar: Color Accurate Soft Proofing: See What You Print

Webinar: Color Accurate Soft Proofing: See What You're Printing?
More creative and color-critical decisions are made on an LCD display than on any other device or media. Yet, most of us are not managing our displays properly to ensure that what we're seeing on our display is as close as possible to what the final printed product will look like. It's easy—you just need to know a few basic things! This webinar will give you all the requirements and how-tos for calibrating and profiling displays for color-accurate soft proofing.

You will learn
What is soft proofing? It's different for photographers versus printers
Requirements you need for success—there's just a few!
The 5 steps to a color accurate display
How to use Adobe CC applications to view color accurately
The ideal soft proofing viewing environment

Who should attend
Prepress technicians
Press operators
Anyone who had to view color accurately on their display

Webinar Presenter
Joe Marin
Vice President, Education and Training
Printing Industries of America


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