Management Webinar: What Mama Never Told You About BHRs

Management Webinar - What Mama Never Told You About BHRs
During the 20th century, using budgeted hourly rates (BHRs) to develop pricing was the defacto methodology — as it had been in the 19th century. Although the use of BHRs is still commonplace in today?s pricing, with the changing product mix of 21st century print providers, there is a need for management teams to understand the weaknesses/strengths of BHRs that Mama (or Dad) never told you.

In this program, our presenter will discuss Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHRs) as they are presently used. Along with providing an overview of BHRs, the presentation will also outline other methodologies including contribution, value-added, and product line costing, which can provide management extremely effective tools in increasing a company?s profitability.

Joe Polanco is a Director with New Direction Partners and a seasoned industry veteran. With over forty years of industry experience, Polanco has authored a variety of articles on financial management, as well as teaching numerous classes on print estimating. He is also a contributing author to Phil Ruggles Print Estimating textbook which is used by many post-secondary programs across the United States.

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