Webinar: 8 Imperatives for Growing Your Printing Business

Management Webinar - 8 Imperatives for Growing Your Business
In a highly competitive industry, printers must focus on two things to succeed: efficiency and growth. The first delivers a better bottom line; the second produces a more robust top line. In this session, New Direction Partners experts focus on 8 imperatives for growing your printing business, In a mature market, if you don?t grow, you will run out of business to make more efficient! In this session, find out why it is important to:

  • Measure sales activity with the same passion you measure production activity
  • Set a target, then plan, act, measure and adjust ? and do it better than your competition
  • Implement a product-focus or customer-focus business strategy
  • Develop a growth plan, and make those required to execute responsible for its implementation
  • Monitor plan results and adjust actions as required
  • Be different
  • Target high growth industries
  • Purchase competitor firms

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