SGIA Webinar - EPA's Updated Hazardous Waste Rule

Management Webinar
In 2016, the EPA finalized a rule that updated the hazardous waste generator regulations to make the rules easier to understand, facilitate better compliance, provide greater flexibility in how hazardous waste is managed and close important gaps in the regulations. This rule went into effect in May of last year and all states must adopt the new provisions by July 1, 2018. These changes may affect how your business handles hazardous waste.

This webinar, presented by Marci Kinter, Specialty Graphics Imaging Association (SGIA); Kaitlin Rundle, PIA; and Gary Jones, PIA, will provide an overview of the new rule, what?s changing, and how it might affect your business. Additionally, Marci Kinter and Kaitlin Rundle will share some resources you can use to help comply with the new hazardous waste regulations.

Who Should Attend:

  • Company Owners
  • Environmental Teams
  • Management Teams
  • Production Managers

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