Management Webinar: Regulatory Compliance

Management Webniar: Regulatory Compliance
Through the internet, regulators and "bounty hunters" are more aggressive in targeting non-compliers. For example,

  • Cal/OSHA's homepage: Prominently displays a link where workers can "file a complaint about workplace safety and health hazards."
  • California"s Water Resources Control Board homepage: Openly invites individuals to "Let us know if a business does not have a Storm Water Permit."
  • Proposition 65 lawsuit: Businesses paid more than $25.8 million to settle cases in 2017--$19.5 million (76%) of which went to private attorney fees.

This hands-on training webinar will help printers comply with these critical workplace safety and environmental requirements. Once you sign up, we"ll send you a flash drive with materials to assist with these important regulatory requirements and, in the end, serve as the basis for a comprehensive, ongoing employee safety training program.


This webinar will help you prevent the five most frequent citations in the graphic arts industry. Topics to be discussed are as follows:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Hazardous Communication
  • Label & Safety Data Sheets
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Proposition 65

Our presenter:

Dr. Gerry Bonetto, Environmental, Safety and Governmental Specialist, has represented the printing industries interests at federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, including Cal/OSHA, US EPA, Regional Water Boards and SCAQD for the past twenty-five years.

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