Disrupting the Norm & Revolutionizing the Visual Experience

Disrupting the Norm Revolutionizing the Visual Experience
Visual Media Alliance, Sappi, and Super Color Digital invite you to experience the latest technologies that will affect, change, and improve communication channels for you and your clients. Speakers: Daniel Dejan, National Print & Creative Specialist for Sappi North America, and Jodi Lovullo, Account Executive for Super Color Digital, will literally deliver a one-two punch directly to your knowledge arsenal aimed at preparing you for the road ahead.

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6:30pm - Presentations

Fads, Trends & Disruptive Innovations
Daniel Dejan
National Print & Creative Specialist, Sappi North America

Our culture is constantly being influenced by fads, trends — and occasionally — truly disruptive technology. There are many new evolving technologies available - some in their infancy, others maturing and finding their way into the market. How do we integrate them into our current sales and marketing strategies? While some may be pricey now, we have seen the cost of many technologies quickly become both affordable and a part of day-to-day life. Some new technologies may launch with limited providers but where there is market demand there will be more suppliers — often coming from unexpected places. Daniel will cover new technologies such as image recognition as a link between ink-on-paper and digital marketing; paper thin monitors incorporated into unique direct marketing and publishing campaigns; and printed electronic and digital circuitry used for new products including packaging, interior design, greeting cards and more. And lest we forget, Daniel will cover how the printing industry is incorporating new technology to evolve in exciting new ways.

Experiential Disruption: Lighting, Color in Motion and Structure
Jodi Lovullo
Account Executive, Super Color Digital

Experiential disruption is a new way of reinventing the customer experience, specifically by creating 3-dimensional environments that attract and delight their audience. A major component of experiential disruption is the use of innovative technology to provide consumers with interactive and immersive experiences that resonate with all five senses. Jodi will talk about her experience defying the laws of physics and disrupting the norm through real experiences at the leading edge of this ever-changing creative environment. These include evolving and pushing aside the typical, creating the unexpected by translating a client's vision to a physical reality — one where impressions are not easily forgotten — and all the while keeping your brand in the forefront. Join Jodi to learn more about the continued evolution of our visual experience.

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Kathleen Sullivan - Sappi North America
Business Development, Corporate Account West Region
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Jodi Lovullo - Super Color Digital
Account Executive
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