Webinar: Package Design - Innovation to Creation

Package Design - Innovation To Creation

Over the past few years, color accurate proofing and prototyping have seen a fundamental change. CxF allows worldwide, digital communication of all commercially significant aspects of color and is the key to future-proofing prototyping operations. The present and future approach to packaging innovation is the complete prototype - a system that enables 3D visualization with color-accurate, hard-copy output.

David Palmieri, Director of Strategic Accounts and Business Alliances at CGS-ORIS, takes an in-depth look at how brands, packaging design agencies and printers can leverage color-accurate 3D and physical prototyping. We will explore solutions that utilize the latest technology for brand color communication and packaging design innovation processes that delivers brands a new way of innovating and greatly decreasing their time-to-market for new package designs.

Webinar Presenter
David Palmieri
Director of Strategic Accounts & Business Alliances



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