Certification: Improving Email Marketing Response Rates

Improving Email Marketing Response
DMAnc Live Online Certification Workshop

Improving Email Marketing Response Rates

Email marketing requires immense effort to make it work effectively these days. Small (or large) creative and strategic missteps can cost you dearly in your response rate. You need to have all of your bases covered in terms of creative, list and engagement strategies.

This class presents winning email marketing strategies for acquiring and retaining customers in a world of crowded email inboxes and mobile viewers. We'll talk about best practices for email copy, design, and implementation. We'll cover offer strategies, writing winning subject lines, which day of the week to send and frequency, and how to design emails for mobile using responsive design. The class lays out a complete strategy on how to build your engagement score by implementing onboarding and engagement playbooks. We'll also discuss strategies to improve your deliverability and how to avoid spam filters.

What you'll learn:
• Optimizing for mobile and responsive design
• Optimizing the email for preview pane and blocked images
• Writing better email copy
• Creating the best subject lines
• Determining the right day of the week/time of day for sending
• Creating the best offers
• Strategies for maintaining your lists
• Building your onboarding playbook
• Building your engagement playbook
• Avoiding spam filters
• Live Q&A

Who this course is for:
Anyone responsible for email marketing who feels they are not getting the response rate they need and want to make sure they're covering all of the bases.

This includes:
• VP/Dir/Mgr of Marketing
• VP/Dir/Mgr of Demand Generation
• VP/Dir/Mgr of Online Marketing
• VP/Dir/Mgr of Field Marketing/Sales Support

Instructor: Laurie Beasley

Special offer from our sponsor MountainTop Data: Workshop attendees will receive $1,000 in free B2B data credits for attending.


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