Certification: Use Social Media for Marketing

Use Social Media for Marketing
DMAnc Live Online Certification Workshop

Use Social Media for Marketing

This course is led by Andreas Ramos, author of fourteen books on SEO. He also founded three digital agencies (one with 170 staff) and was the head of the digital agency at Acxiom, which did digital marketing for Fortune 200 companies. He also teaches at CSTU and INSEEC, which are schools in Silicon Valley. Andreas has trained dozens of interns and staffers and he brings that knowledge to you. In just two hours, you'll learn hands-on social media marketing from one of the leading experts in Silicon Valley. It'll also be fun with lots of examples and stories.

Our Goal
To show you how to manage and optimize your social media marketing campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get more traffic, leads, and sales. You'll come away with actionable tactics and strategies that you can apply to your company's social campaigns. We'll look at examples of social media projects, both good and bad.

What You'll Learn
We start with an overview of the key difference between search engines and social media. By understanding this, you can craft postings that appeal to your audience. We'll go over a checklist so you can score your social media work. You can also use this to review your competitors to see if there are any ideas that you can borrow. You'll see how to build your visibility, brand, and community.

We'll also look at common features of all social media: profiles, postings, photos, #hashtags, account management tools, and analytics, with notes about each platform.

The rest of the webinar will look at the major platforms, one by one. We'll look at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This includes how to use the marketing and tracking tools in each one.

The webinar includes presentations, examples, and downloads.

There will be lots of opportunity for your questions. If we don't get through all of the questions during the webinar, the speaker will follow up to answer your questions after the webinar.

Key Takeaways
• Difference between search engines and social media
• How to use social media to sell to your customers
• How to develop and manage your social media accounts
• How to monitor your competitors
• In-depth review of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Bonus Materials
• The Powerpoint presentation and audio will be available so you can go back to look at details or refresh your knowledge
• Worksheet to review and score the social media accounts for your company and your competitors

Who this course is for:
• Companies that want to use social media to reach their audience for visibility, branding, and sales
• Those who want to understand social media marketing to manage staffers, agencies, or contractors

Instructor: Andreas Ramos

Special offer from our sponsor MountainTop Data: Workshop attendees will receive $1,000 in free B2B data credits for attending.


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