Ensuring HR Compliance with ThinkHR Webinar

VMA + PIASD - Ensuring HR Compliance with ThinkHR Webinar Join VMA and PIASD for a valuable webinar on "Ensuring HR Compliance" with ThinkHR.

ThinkHR is a premium Human Resources platform providing unlimited access to live HR advisor expertise and innovative technology and content to help organizations address all potential Human Resources needs.

On the webinar, we'll cover:
• How to protect your business & mitigate unforeseen risks
• CA specific law alerts – what you need to know to stay out of trouble
• Key ways to de-escalate stressful compliance situations
• How to get urgent HR guidance when you need it most

Date: April 1, 2021
Start: 10 AM Pacific Time
Duration: 1 hour

If you have topics for this or other events or questions, contact Shannon Wolford • shannon@vma.bz • 415-710-0568


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