Recruitment, Retention, and Realignment

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Recruitment, Retention, and Realignment: The Printing Industry's Employment Crisis, and What Printers Are Doing About It

Ask any printer to name the industry's number one business challenge, and the answer is always the same: finding, hiring, and keeping good people. In the wake of COVID-19, the problem has only grown harder to confront. Practical solutions do exist, and printers throughout the industry are learning how to apply them.

In this special program, three experts from the Jennings A. Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University will share what their exclusive research has revealed not just about the extent of the industry's employment crisis, but also what print business owners are doing to overcome it.

You will learn:

  • What the numbers say about the pain points of hiring and retention
  • How effective the standard practices of recruitment actually are in attracting the right people
  • How printers are finding new ways to reduce turnover, increase employee satisfaction, and position their companies as rewarding places to work.
  • Employers of all sizes will find timely advice and a wealth of best practices for recruitment in this high-value webinar. If your company has open positions to fill, you need to attend. Register today!

Patrick Henry, Liberty or Death Communications

Dr. Ralph Williams Jr. - Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Dan Morrell - Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Tim Moake - Middle Tennessee State University
Steve Bonoff - Printing Industry Midwest

Patrick Henry, Journalist
Patrick Henry is a journalist and an educator who has covered the graphic communications industry since 1984. The author of many hundreds of articles on business trends and technological developments in graphic communications, he has been published in most of the leading trade media in the field. He also has taught graphic communications as an adjunct lecturer for New York University and New York City College of Technology. The holder of numerous awards for industry service and education, Henry most recently was a Senior Editor with NAPCO Media's Printing & Packaging Group. He currently is the managing director of Liberty or Death Communications, a content consultancy.

Dr. Ralph Williams Jr., Associate Professor of Management. Middle Tennessee State University
For over twenty-five years, Dr. Ralph Williams worked in the printing industry, serving as president of three companies (holding an ownership stake in two). Ralph then functioned as a consultant for several printing firms. Ralph earned a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University in Georgia and currently serves an Associate Professor of Management at Middle Tennessee State University. He teaches strategy, entrepreneurial financial management, family business, and principles of management. Ralph has published multiple family business, small business, and leadership academic research articles. Ralph is actively engaged in printing industry associations ? conducting industry research, writing articles, and speaking at association events.

Dr. Dan Morrell, Professor of Management, Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Dan Morrell received his PhD in Management from the University of South Carolina and serves as Professor of Management at Middle Tennessee State University. Prior to entering academia, Dan had over ten years of experience in photographic retail management. He has published research in the areas of compensation, motivation, and social influence with a particular focus on generational differences in employee motivation. Dan is the program director of the MS in Management and MS in Supply Chain Management programs at MTSU and teaches classes in decision making and applied research.

Dr. Tim Moake, Associate Professor of Management Middle Tennessee State University

Steve Bonoff, President of Printing Industry Midwest
Steve Bonoff began his journey in graphic communications as director of member services of the International Prepress Association, before being named its president in 2001. To support the prepress industry in leveraging the power of emerging technologies, Bonoff lead the charge to merge IPA with Idealliance in 2010. Joining Idealliance as its executive vice president, Bonoff directed that organization's G7 color management series to become the world's leading color management certification program. In 2018, Bonoff took the helm as President of Printing Industries Midwest, a trade organization representing one of the world's epicenters of print service leadership. Recognizing how the systemic issues of recruiting and managing labor were impacting PIM members, in 2020, Bonoff co-founded the workforce development hub, Print Industries, to support the recruiting and training of the next generation print workforce.

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