Human Resources Suite

When it comes to the day-to-day, ins and outs of running a business (and keeping your employees happy and engaged at work), nothing comes close to VMA’s Human Resources Suite.

No matter how large or small your organization, we’ve got an array of human resources support programs and services to help with all your employee-related issue.


Put an HR program right on your computer through Mineral (formerly ThinkHR), provided to you at no cost. Mineral provides a complete program for: compliance, safety resources, webinars, questions and answers, employee handbooks, and forms, just to name a few. And receive FREE Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for your employees that must be repeated every 2 years to comply with CA Labor Laws.

Human Resources Attorney

When you need help with an employee matter or answers to your HR questions, VMA has partnered with Human Resources Attorney Jenny Wiegley who is there to give you friendly, knowledgeable assistance with a complimentary 20 minute initial consultation – all included with your membership.


EaseCentral is easy to use software, designed by brokers. Offering a simple employee benefits system for quoting, enrollment, and management.

Job Center

Our Job Center offers job listers and job seekers to post jobs and resumes on our website and get matched through our free job board.

Semper Temp Staffing

When you need someone to fill an open position for the short term, the solution is Semper.

HR Library

Complimentary access online to resources whenever you need it.

Wage Survey + Report

The VMA Wage Survey is our annual survey providing data on wages for management and production positions. The Wage Survey is conducted in the spring and the Wage Report is available in fall.

Mandated Labor Law Posters

Members with 7+ employees and on our health or commercial insurance programs receive a complimentary set of mandated labor law posters. Members without insurance may purchase the set at a reduced price of $45 (20% savings from non-member rates).

Executive Toolbox

The Executive Toolbox is California graphic arts small business best resource for fast, accurate, and thoroughly vetted management tools.

401k Retirement Plan

On June 30, 2022, per government mandate companies in California with 5+ employees MUST offer a retirement plan. VMA has done the research and has options available. It usually takes months to set up a 401k program, so learn more and avoid fines.

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