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VMA’s Find-an-Employee Service is a local, free service for all those looking for employees in the creative, web, marketing and print businesses in Northern California. When you post a job on our website, your info is immediately available for job applicants to view. You’ll receive automatic notification when we receive an application for your job category. A summary of each applicant’s info is included in our publication, Connected.

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Find experienced, freelance and entry level personnel seeking opportunities in our area. Post your job opening with our Find-an-Employee service. Review resumes from local job applicants.

Key Benefits
It’s Free!
Our service is complimentary for all member companies as well as all job applicants.

Includes the Broader Industry
Job applications come from all specialty segments of our industry, including: Print Production, Print Management, Creative Production, Creative Management, Marketing, and Web Media.

Easy to Register
Our on-line tools will allow you to post your job opening and receive notification of applicants interested in your job category.

Search Resumes from Local Job Applicants
Browse the comprehensive list of applicants currently available in Northern California VMA member firms.

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