Mandated Labor Law Posters


Members with 7+ employees and on our health or commercial insurance programs receive a complimentary set of mandated labor law posters. Members may purchase the set at a reduced price of $45 and non-members for $50.

  • $25,000 violation protection for guaranteed compliance
  • Includes all 16 required posters in CA and Federal posters into one easy to post poster
  • Fully compliant for all businesses & includes 2020’s mandatory labor law updates
  • Posters are laminated and come in English and Spanish
POSTER SIZE: 27″ x 39″
POSTER CONTENTS: CA Family and Medical Leave (CFRA) and Pregnancy Disability NPLA *UPDATED APRIL 2019
CA Minimum Wage 2019-2020 (12/18)
CA Discrimination & Harassment is prohibited by Law (12/18)
CA Unemployment Insurance Benefits (07/18)
CA Unemployment Insurance/Disability Insurance/Paid Family Leave (07/18)
CA Transgender Rights (05/18)
CAL/OSHA (11/17)
CA Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee (06/17)
CA Workers’ Compensation Notice to Employees – Injuries Caused By Work (01/16)
CA Whistleblowers’ Protection Act (12/15)
CA Access To Medical and Exposure Records (1/15)
CA Healthy Families Act of 2015/Paid Sick Leave (11/14)
CA Emergency Phone Numbers
CA Employee Time Off for Voting
CA No Smoking Sign
CA Pay Day Notice
Emergency Phone Number
(08/16) Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act
(08/16) Federal Fair Labor Standards Act
(04/16) Federal Family Medical Leave Act
(11/09) Federal Equal Employment Opportunity – Includes GINA
(07/17) USERRA


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