The Changing Face of VMA: Board Meets to Review Programs, Direction, and Marketing Strategy

The VMA staff and board are committed to constantly improving our alliance to benefit your business. Recently, to augment association offerings, VMA executives began reaching out to members to discuss the advantages of VMA membership and obtain suggestions on programming. Feedback from these candid meetings inspired deeper reflection about VMA’s history and the evolution and the effectiveness of our alliance. Discussions revealed that VMA can enhance offerings for both print and creative members, and that more streamlined and targeted communication from the VMA office will encourage more members to participate in a wider array of VMA’s unique offerings.

In the coming months, members should expect:

  • Effective HR and insurance tools to benefit your employees and save you time and money
  • Engaging community building and business development options for your company
  • Inspiring regional networking programs with relevant educational content
  • Streamlined communication and newly designed publications from the VMA office
  • Enhanced conferences, specifically targeted for print, for design, or for both
  • New and improved awards programs, designed to highlight members best work in the association
  • Informative updates for state-level government affairs issues

Stay tuned for exciting changes!

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