John Walsh & Matt Cooke – Iron Creative
Building a successful agency is about building the right partnerships and the VMA fits the bill.
- John Walsh & Matt Cooke, Founders
Iron Creative
Dave Semling – Mill Valley Services
We wouldn’t be where we are today without VMA... It’s extremely unusual to have this level of personnel available to us. I couldn’t afford to be as competitive as we are without all the great benefits and services VMA provides.
- Dave Semling, Mill Valley Services
Mill Valley Services
Steve Decker – Zooka Creative
I’ve been a VMA member for seven years and continue to receive significant value from my membership. I strongly recommend membership.
- Steve Decker, Chief Executive Officer
Zip Shoket – Ram Print & Communications
We use all of the insurance services offered through VMA...Having the power of VMA behind us allows me to sleep at night knowing my company is well taken care of by an organization that cares about my business.
- Zip Shoket, Ram Print & Communications
Ram Print & Communications

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