VMA's Cross-Media Chronicles | Issue 02

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs

At Visual Media Alliance (VMA), we know just how important it is to view creativity as a renewable resource. That's why we're proud to bring you the first edition of The Cross-Media Chronicles featuring the latest industry news, content and free digital downloads.

Delivered monthly right to your inbox, The Cross-Media Chronicles is designed for business professionals throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada who want to connect with like-minded professionals and cultivate ideas that support cross-media collaboration. If you're looking for ways to ensure you never miss an opportunity to renew your creativity (and grow your business), don't forget to whitelist Ready to jump in? Let's go!

And oh by the way, just who is Visual Media Alliance? We are a nonprofit trade association who provides a variety of benefits and money saving programs to creative, web, marketing and print businesses.

Marketing to Millennials

How to rock a visual collaboration

According to Huge creative director Jen Tank, costly assumptions abound about how best to reach Millennials. To get the most bang from your marketing buck with this crowd, you might just have to rethink your approach. The three tips in this article will help get you there from here.

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Bot-free Display Advertising

Bot-free Display Advertising
This season, it’s likely you’ll be spending a pretty penny on display advertising. But there’s a good chance that 11 to 23 percent of the “people” who see these ads are bots. How to avoid the bots and put display advertising to work for you — without breaking the bank? Read on.
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Using VMA for Your Company’s Health Insurance Provider

Using VMA for Your Company’s Health Insurance Provider
When it comes to health insurance, VMA is able to offer our members an unprecedented level of choice, cost-lowering strategies, time-saving technology, and more. Discover why thousands of VMA business owners think it’s a great idea to tap into the power of the alliance to provide exceptional healthcare for your employees.
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November’s Featured Member

November's Featured Member - Volume Inc.
"In doing things like making health benefits affordable for creative agencies like ours, VMA can create a variety of affordable choices. We chose VMA after looking into options and found they had the best coverage for our needs. We also liked that VMA was associated with and advocated for the design industry specifically."

Principal, Volume Inc.

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