VMA's Cross-Media Chronicles | Issue 10

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
- Thomas Edison

At Visual Media Alliance (VMA), we know just how important it is to view creativity as a renewable resource. We're a nonprofit trade association that provides a variety of benefits and money-saving programs to creative, web, marketing and print businesses. Please enjoy our monthly Cross-Media Chronicles, featuring the latest industry news, content and free digital downloads.

10 Ways to Help Designers Visually

10 Ways to Help Designers Visually
Nowadays, everything is online. The work we do is seldom printed out in process. But when it comes to design, the physical product often looks much different than on-screen. The best way to help designers avoid disasters is to teach them simple tools and tips from the printer, from learning coated vs. uncoated to ink quality.

Small Business Owners on the Affordable Care Act

Small Business Owners Split over the Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act launched by Obama has caused a split in opinion in small business owners. Some can’t afford the premium for their families or small team of employees, while other solo workers rely on it as they don’t make enough to pay the typical $250 a month. Depending on the situation, opinions are differentiated and the struggle to pay for insurance is escalating.
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Latest Research on How Consumers React To Social Media Marketing

How Do Consumers React to Social Media Marketing?
It doesn’t have to do anything with the fact that a brand is “cool”; it has to do with how a brand connects to its audience. Do they respond? Are they funny? Are they heart-warming? Get the scoop in this full report on how consumers react to different types of social media marketing.
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September's Featured Member

Rick Conant, Vice-President V-Innovative
"As a new member of VMA, I'm just getting started on all the benefits the association has to offer. V-Innovative exhibited at the VMA Design Conference, which was a great success and now we are exploring the health insurance benefits. I look forward to many more years of partnership with VMA."

Rick Conant,
Vice-President, V-Innovative

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