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Cross-Media Chronicles
Support for Creative, Web Media, Marketing, and Print Businesses
July 2020
“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”
– Andrew Davis
At Visual Media Alliance (VMA), we know just how important it is to view creativity as a renewable resource. We're a nonprofit trade association that provides a variety of benefits and money-saving programs to creative, web, marketing and print businesses. Please enjoy our monthly Cross-Media Chronicles, featuring the latest industry news, content and free digital downloads.
Retargeting Results through DM
By now we’re all familiar with the power of retargeting through email or online ads. Now we can also retarget through direct mail. It opens an exciting new avenue of opportunity to reach customers and prospects who have already engaged with a brand.
Get in on the Gradient Design Trend
After being discarded in favor of flat design, gradients have made quite a comeback. Get insights on why we just can’t get enough of them, and learn how to use them thoughtfully on your next design project.
Crisis Roundtables Provide Needed Info
Responding to your needs is our business. To help members through COVID-19, we’ve launched the Collective Conversations series. These member-exclusive roundtables offer our members the opportunity to learn from each other and industry experts on pressing topics, from cash flow to HR and more.
Cross-Media Chronicles
Insightful Design, Printing, Marketing and
Communications Resources Delivered Monthly
Visual Media Alliance
Support for creative, web media, marketing and print businesses
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